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Home Blog Blackberry Messanger BBM for iPhone and Android Delayed

Blackberry Messanger BBM for iPhone and Android Delayed

The much anticipated launch of BBM for iPhone and Android has been postponed. The head of BBM at Blackberry said the launch will be delayed at least a week after a pirated version was put up in the Google Play store this past weekend. Blackberry Messenger has had trouble getting the pirated version out of the store quickly and over a million downloads have been made on the Google Play Store. Andrew Bocking explains that the pirated release was “older, unreleased version.”

Blackberry is working out a way to block users from operating the unreleased version before releasing the official version to the public. Bocking also said that a search of BBM on Google Play shows plenty of fake apps. One of the developers of the fake app said he was just trying to make some money even though he knew placing unlicensed BBM apps on the store was illegal. Blackberry is looking for ways to open other revenue streams after their phone business fell apart. BBM is one of if not their most valuable asset.

Google has said, “we remove infringing apps as soon as we become aware of them.” They tell developers to not use, “impersonations or deceptive behaviour.”

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