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Blackberry Messanger BBM for iPhone and Android Delayed

The much anticipated launch of BBM for iPhone and Android has been postponed. The head of BBM at Blackberry said the launch will be delayed at least a week after a pirated version was put up in the Google Play store this past weekend. Blackberry Messenger has had trouble getting the pirated version out of the store quickly and over a million downloads have been made on the Google Play Store. Andrew Bocking explains that the pirated release was “older, unreleased version.”

Blackberry is working out a way to block users from operating the unreleased version before releasing the official version to the public. Bocking also said that a search of BBM on Google Play shows plenty of fake apps. One of the developers of the fake app said he was just trying to make some money even though he knew placing unlicensed BBM apps on the store was illegal. Blackberry is looking for ways to open other revenue streams after their phone business fell apart. BBM is one of if not their most valuable asset.

Google has said, “we remove infringing apps as soon as we become aware of them.” They tell developers to not use, “impersonations or deceptive behaviour.”

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Blackberry Messanger – BBM for iphone

BBM for iPhone is getting very close for release! It’s been a long wait but blackberry messenger just hit beta for android and is slated for iphone soon! The release date is set for the ambiguous Summer 2013.

reports that the betas have been rolling out. There are loads of people who are anticipating BBM for iPhone and BBM for Android. If you’re unfamiliar, it is a popular messaging app for Blackberry phones that allowed users to securely send pictures, videos, messages, share screens, and much more. Some might say it’s the only thing that staved off Blackberry’s death in the face of smart phones.

It will be interesting to see the reception of this app as the space has exploded. Had they acted sooner, perhaps they could have dominated but now there are many comparable options that are cross platform.

We should not have to wait long to see if people take to the highly anticipated release of BBM for iPhone and BBM for Android.

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WhatsApp Messenger is cross-platform which allows you to exchange messages with your contacts without paying for texts. Whatsapp is a great solution for free communication with your contacts on BBM.  Due to the inability to install BBM for iphone this is a great alternative to have bbm  for iphone.  WhatsApp messenger is available on every platform including iPhone, blackberry, android, and Windows phone.

Stop wasting your time trying to find a way to install BBM for iPhone.  There are 100’s of videos and blogs claiming to have a way to get BBM for iPhone, but there is a licensing problem from blackberry to enable you to do this.  Most likely there will never be a BBM for iPhone, so WhatsApp is a great free and easy solution to this problem.

WhatsApp is full of features such as texting, MMS, and group chat for all platforms.

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The different nuances of using BBM for iPhone

The iPhone is one of the best possible gadgets that you would be able to find in the electronic market today. It has a whole niche of subscribers, and you would be able to find that there are a lot of people that are wondering about how to get BBM for iPhone. BBM happens to be the BlackBerry messenger, and is one of the most coveted applications that have actually been able to revolutionize the entire aspect of messaging. With the help of BBM, employers have been able to keep in contact with their employees, and they have be able to exchange a lot of data as well as office presentations and various other modes that have actually given a whole new meaning to working from home. With the help of BBM for iPhone 4, you would be able to find that this is one of the best applications that have actually take in a whole new turn with the help of research in motion (RIM), who happens to be the prime manufacturers of BBM and blackberry mobiles. It has also been touted that there are a lot of industry concepts about people that have actually been yearning for going for a BBM iPhone. This would not only revolutionize both the companies, but it would also ensure that you would be able to get the necessary amount of functionality that has actually been missing in the iPhone. Nowadays, the BlackBerry messenger has actually been in the forefront due to the fact that they have also been providing for unlimited data transfer, which is something not at all provided by any other providers. Charges can be saved, as well as you would be able to get connectivity and the assurance that you are data is delivered in a very good manner.

The BBM or the BlackBerry messenger is built upon a platform that is entirely new, and apart from various types of mobiles that are out in the market, they still have not been able to integrate the BBM to their mobile phones. This would only speak volumes about the amount of vulnerability that the various other mobile platforms have over the BlackBerry. If you would want to use BBM iPhone app, you would be more than welcome in order to source through the android market. The android happens to be a very free platform, which provides for a lot of software, much like the Windows software applications. If such integration happens, then you would be able to find that the app for BBM on iPhone would be the most downloaded app in the entire market, and it would bring about a sort of mini cascading effect on the various other software that are out in the market that provide similar facilities. With the help of BBM app for iPhone, you would be able to converse with your fellow people, as well as get the integration of a variety of other people, that can provide you the necessary amount of functionality with the help of such an application. It is a very sad effect though that you would not be able to get the necessary amount of functionality of having the BBM on your iPhone, because of the fact that the manufacturers have not been able to come to a conclusion as of now. There is a possibility that they would be able to get the necessary amount of features within a particular iPhone, or they would actually be able to go for rival software that can provide the necessary amount of functionality, but the amount of integration capabilities that is provided by the BBM would not at all be present in your iPhone. If you would need to get your BBM on the iPhone, then it can actually be a very good idea for you to try and get a split operating system in the form of an android market. If you manage to do so, then you would be able to get the necessary amount of functionalities, and it can provide for various other features within your iPhone.

Understanding the various capabilities of BBM would go a long way into ensuring that you would be able to get the necessary amount of functionality on your iPhone. Whether understanding the various capabilities of the iPhone can bring about the change in your BlackBerry would only be left to premeditation. There are a lot of circumstances, which can protect your iPhone from any sort of vulnerability, but with the use of BBM, you would have been solid in your protection. In this manner, you would be able to see that if you manage to go for the BBM for iPhone app, it would not be entirely plausible on your behalf to ensure that you would be able to get the necessary amount of functionality from such a thing. Many people have been wondering on how to get BBM for iPhone, but it would more or less be futile attempt, due to the fact that you would not be able to find an iPhone with an android market, and neither would you be able to get a BBM that would be catering to a Mac operating system. Keeping such things into consideration, it would be an entirely different concept. If there had been a BBM for the iPhone. It would explain a lot of vulnerability within the iPhone, and you would also be able to get a world class Instant Messenger, that is extremely good, and can provide the necessary amount of functionality of the entire thing. The BlackBerry messenger for iPhone is and will be one of the best and the most coveted things out in the market, and if there is an entire possibility that such a thing can happen, then it would be without doubt one of the most important breakthroughs for the two mobile companies. It would also be able to explain a lot of functionality within the iPhone, and also provide the breakthrough knowledge of the BBM.

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